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How does it feel when your sweater becomes a medium of your own voice? Trikoton transfers voices into clothes, giving them a poetic attitude. On the platform, you can record a message, a song or a melody. Their loudness, frequency and modulations are converted into binary codes for knitting patterns, as unique as the human voice. Trikoton also produces limited editions, occurred from collaborations with artists, available in shops as well as on the website. Located in Berlin trikoton is working together with local manufacturers, bringing together traditional and new technologies, to ensure high quality products for concerned consumer.

While they were studying Design at the University of Arts in Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin) in 2007, Magdalena Kohler and Hanna Wiesener created their first knitting collection. At that time, they were still using a punch card knitting machine, which they hacked and transformed into an interactive voice knitting machine : GELSOMINA. During the following years, joined by other knitters and interaction designer Hannes Nützmann, they found a manufacturing plant for their voice knitting collection which was reliable and open to artistic experiments : strick|chic GmbH in Apolda/Thüringen. They presented their collections in Boston, London and Berlin, as well was on the Festival Ars Electronica. Rewarded with many prizes and with the company founding sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy and Technology, their project gave birth to trikoton GmbH in 2010.


2011 Hauptpreis des Gründerwettbewerbs Multimedia des BMWi (Prize for Company founding in the field of Multimedia from the Ministry of Economy and Technology)

2010 Shortlist “Create Your Own Fashion Business” Senat Berlin

2009 Sponsorship for Company founding exist of the Ministry of Economy and Technology

2007 First Prize Designpreis (Design Prize), Halle


2011 “w?atf” Pop-Up Store‚ Fashionweek, Wien, AT

2011 Modefriseur (Fashionweek), Berlin

2011 “Fashion NetworkW Gateways Exhibition KUMU/ Goethe Institut, Tallinn, Estland

2011 “Industrious Artefacts” Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen, NL

2011 “Village des Innovations” Festival Futur en Seine, 104 Paris, FR

2011 “Craft and Technology” Kentucky Art Center Louisville, USA

2011 SystM Galery (Fashionweek), Berlin

2010 “Premium” International Fashion Trade Show, Berlin 

2010 “Festival für Mode und Fotografie” Wien, AT

2010 Popkom / Berlin Music Convention, Internationale Musikmesse, Berlin

2009 “Create Berlin Neujahrsempfang/Design Reaktor” in der Temporären Kunsthalle Berlin

2009 “snapshot 09” designtransfer-Galerie, Universität der Künste Berlin 

2009 “if/then fashion” Ars Electronica Linz, AT

2009 “ISWC International Symposium of Wearable Computing” Linz, AT

2009 “7 Studios from Berlin”, The Dock Festival 100% Design, London, UK

2008 “Seamless Computational Couture” Fashionshow des MIT in Boston, USA

2008 Weddingdress#2 (Festival für Urban Fashion and Culture) Berlin 

2008 “Create Berlin goes London/Design Reaktor” Design Week, London, UK

2008 “Speaking out loud” im Netherlands Media Art Institut (NMKA) in Amsterdam, NL

So this is what ist called speaking. I believe that ist the term. When words come out, fly into the air, live for a moment and die. Strange, is it not?
Paul Auster: City of Glass